Joel Edsel Schaeffer, currently a cinematographer in Los Angeles, has been working on his passion since 2008 when he stepped into his first camera gear room.


Before working in the Film Industry Joel enjoyed Photography.  As a visual learner, Joel immediately took to photography and working with Film Cameras at a young age to express his view of the world.  Working in darkrooms in this early stage gave him a deep understanding of exposure and Light.


Joel’s drive to work on bigger productions led him to make a move to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and here he went into the training of 35mm film format style of filmmaking. This eagerness to learn the older technics of “Film Making” has to give him a solid knowledge base that carries across to digital filming making in the modern-day. This mixture of classic and cutting-edge knowledge made him a popular choice to work on all major feature films that came to the region, as well as extensive work in documentary projects, high-end commercials, and international corporate projects.


In 2014, Joel joined Dubai Film. A production house set up to create high-end extreme sports content. At Dubai Film, Joel was able to begin a specialization in aerial cinematography, which led him to work on worldwide-phenomenon projects such as Young Feathers with Jetman, and the award-winning Emirates A380 / Jetman collaboration project. It was for this project that Joel accepted the award for “Best Live-action capture” on behalf of Dubai Film.


Joel is currently attending the American Film Institute as a cinematography fellow, working on his next chapter.

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